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Site Updates

9/24/2017 - Site Registration and Map Voting
Site registration and map voting are now live. Hopefully nothing is too broken! This site now has an SSL certificate to protect user data. We are also using PHP's strongest and most current password_hash() to protect your password within our database, so have no fear. Map voting is on a scale of 1 to 5. Keeping in mind that maps on this site are generally good to start with, a 1 is 'Good' rating and a 5 is 'Mind Blown' rating. Feel free to email me at or with any issues or suggestions for the website. And again... Thanks for visiting!
8/8/2017 - Keep 'em Coming!
We have nearly 200 maps in the database (193 to be exact) and plan to add hundreds more as time passes. We're just getting started! Keep your suggestions flowing via the Submission Form. If you have submitted a map and have not seen it added, it's likely we thought it needed some more work. If you want any feedback on your maps, please contact me at and I will do my best to get back to you with issues I encountered and suggestions as well. I don't want to discourage authors. I'd much rather get authors on the right track and listed!
7/4/2017 - Map Details and Campaign Details
We've been hard at work adding map and campaign details to the database. These are now live. Obviously, we have some work to do yet! Not all maps have been updated. And not all campaigns are yet listed. The Youtube videos are not yet live. Once introduced, these will be short 1 - 2 minute teaser videos, not full play-thrus.

If you are the author of a campaign or map and would like to submit a description for your maps or campaigns detail page, please shoot me an email at
6/18/2017 - Player Slots
We added a column on the list for Player Slots. Hopefully this will help people find some maps they can play with their freinds.
6/18/2017 - Correction Form Page Added
A brand new Corrections Form is up and running. A few more maps were added yesterday. Thank you for the continued submissions. There is some really awesome content out there!
6/17/2017 - Site Updates Page Up and Running
Thanks for the map suggestions. I have few to review yet. If you don't see a map get listed that you suggested, then I likely had some problems with it. Feel free to shoot me an email at and I'll be happy to comment on the map, offer some suggestions, etc. I always suggest authors playtest maps using the /r/Snapmap Reddit before publishing. You'll get some honest feedback and your map will only turn out for the better. I can guarantee it.

I also added a couple (hopefully unobtrusive) ads to the page to help offset the costs of hosting the site. I'm currently working on the "Suggest a Correction" form, but in the meantime people can email me at with any corrections or errors in our map data.

Keep the suggestions coming and Thank You!