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Site F.A.Q.

How does a map make it on this list?
Maps generally have 3 or 4 avenues of entry onto the list.
  1. I find it myself via Snapmap.
  2. It is submitted as a suggestion via the Suggestion Form. The map is played and added to the list, assuming it is good.
  3. I come across the map via a Youtube channel (Generally one of the guys in the link section).
  4. A random suggestion on /r/Snapmap happens every now and then as well.

How can I suggest a map for the list?
The best way is to use the Suggest a Map form on this website.

A Snapcode on the list does not work or map information is incorrect. What should I do?
Please use the "Report a Correction" form on this website if you feel any of the information listed on this site is incorrect or outdated or shoot me an email at

What is the best way to contact the site's administrator?
Feel free to contact me directly at if needed.

Do you play all the maps listed on the site?
I play most of them. Some are too difficult for me to complete, but this doesn't mean they suck. It usually means I suck :) In cases like these, I'll usually refer to some Youtube streamers and I will watch the entire play-thru on line. And sometimes just watching the video will help me finish it on my own.

Are you seeking additional administrators to maintain the list?
Not at this time, but that could change.

Who are you?
My name is Jason. More commonly known as ElFinko in the Snapmap community. I maintain a personal site at