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.: From UAC to Hell Prologue by Dark Sniper :.
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This is the first map from the UAC to Hell series by Dark Sniper. Fun map with a chatty protagonist who has walked into possibly the worst first day at work..ever. It's clear that you need to get armed quickly and figure out what has happened to the UAC or worse...your shiny new 401K.

Action is aplenty and the environments are dripping (literally) with detail. You'll have to complete a myriad of tasks to survive this map including a couple survival events that are no joke.

Weapon selection is basic with a Shotgun w/ GL mod, along with a H.A.R. with micro missle mod. They're more than enough to survive this map.

Only problem I had with this map was interacting with some of the monitors. For some reason the interact prompt (Press F) was acting glitchy and I had stand in just the right spot or it would not show up.
SnapCode: VKKFLM49 SnapPoints: 411
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 25 minutes Limited Lives? Yes
Difficulty Level: Ultra-Violence Remake? No
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