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.: Path to Oblivion (Part 3) by Zanieon :.
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Path to Oblivion (Part 3) is a Co-Op map that supports 1-4 players. The level has a story line and the author does a nice job of supporting that story line with a number of mechanics and some well placed FX. One of those mechanics is what basically amounts to an escort quest you might find in an MMO, complete with dialogue and ambush points. It's a welcome change of pace and adds an interesting element to the typical fights seen in other maps. The map will end in defeat if you die 3 times or if your companion dies at all.
SnapCode: Q5MFSM25 SnapPoints: 1146
Gametype: COOP Player Slots: 4
Time to Finish: 25 minutes Limited Lives? Yes
Difficulty Level: Ultra-Violence Remake? No
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