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.: BADs UAC Lvl 2 by B.A.D. Fluppy :.
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Enjoy this mix of custom geo, props and Industrial modules. B.A.D. Fluppy does an awesome job dressing up standard industrial modules to make them look completely different and very unique in this second map of his UAC campaign. Add in entire areas made of custom geo and this is a visual spectacle. Not much of a story line here, except to kill anything that moves and make it to the exit. Donít forget to say hi to Corey, the white power core while you're there. This is a 2 Life map, so play carefully.
SnapCode: NNJNJVXV SnapPoints: 589
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 15 minutes Limited Lives? Yes
Difficulty Level: Ultra-Violence Remake? No
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