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.: Memento Mori Machina by Chezza :.
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Memento Mori Machina proves that you don't need tons of custom geo to make a great map. Based on standard industrial modules with some decal work, Memento Mori Machina works with the 'Kill Vega' narrative we've seen before, however, the storyline is much more refined with well written dialogue, very good use of Snapmaps VEGA dialogue sound effects and diary entries left behind by dead UAC combatants. The ending is your standard demon wave onslaught, but with a nice twist that ties back into the story. The map is a 3 life map. I was able to find at least 1 secret that granted an additional life.
SnapCode: MZU97UHF SnapPoints: 500
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 15 minutes Limited Lives? Yes
Difficulty Level: Hurt Me Plenty Remake? No
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