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.: The Stain of Hunab Ku by Multiple :.
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There is nightmare level difficulty and then there is this level. I quite literally died 20+ times, but was determined to finish this beast. This map is a collaboration between three mappers - Pigdog, busyman123 and watstha248. To be expected with this sort of collaboration, this map contains a hub area that links to three separate arenas. One arena was exceptionally easy, the other two will have you pulling your hair out. The only gripe I have with this map is that you're constantly losing weapons on re-spawn, which is a super pain in the ass with the difficulty level of the demons, where you're basically getting 1 shot by Barons when you spawn. All in all, very hard map, but in the end I did enjoy it. I never did figure out how to get the Grenades located behind the pedestal though!
SnapCode: LT3HTPQT SnapPoints: 1226
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 30 minutes Limited Lives? No
Difficulty Level: Nightmare Remake? No
Average Rating between 1 and 5
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