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.: The Recruit by Taylorhead :.
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The Recruit, described as a Survival Arena, fits exactly that bill. This is a one life map in an arena. Taylorhead's signature scoring system is in place, which gives the map tremendous replay value while players compete for that all important first place on the leader board. The map presents a great challenge and requires players to pay attention to multiple scoring mechanics to rack up points. There are also multiple ways to keep yourself alive via a token system. I personally did not like the randomness of the weapon loadout system. The token system requires you to avoid damage, so there is a clear advantage to getting a RL vs any other weapon, since it can reliably lay out damage from a distance via direct hits or splash. There was also an objective that I never could quite figure out that, if not completed, halved your multiplier. It felt a bit excessive given everything else going on in the map. Overall, a really fun arena map that you'll want to play more than a few times.
SnapCode: LQ7BUPZL SnapPoints: 500
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 10 minutes Limited Lives? Yes
Difficulty Level: Nightmare Remake? No
Average Rating between 1 and 5
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