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.: DOOMSHOCK by Collaboration :.
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DOOMSHOCK, a play off the name Bioshock, is a collaboration effort by Vlad Kublitsky_4, Void Runner and Taylorhead. As the name implies, it employs some incredibly cool Bioshock mechanics into the game. You will come to rely heavily on these added features as the map progresses. You will spend 'Eve' using the new attacks. You can earn 'Eve' via glory kills or the occasional 'Eve' dispenser stations located around the map. Taylorhead's patented scoring system is also in place, which adds another element of awesomeness and replayability to the map. If that wasn't enough, the map has a solid and lengthy storyline to experience by picking up briefcases throughout the map. The map looks quite amazing and is lengthy It contains some mild parkour elements and the combat is top notch.
SnapCode: LFAYX9BL SnapPoints: 1132
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 45 minutes Limited Lives? No
Difficulty Level: Ultra-Violence Remake? No
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