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.: 01 The Resurrected by Spindleshanks :.
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The Resurrected is the first map of Spindleshank's Bloody Hell Campaign and it delivers a fistful of custom geo mixed with white collar modules totally pimped out with...more custom geo of course :) I like a map that effectively reuses areas, which this one does quite well and often. Great prop and FX usage as well. This map will have you traveling between teleporters and back into Hell more than once. It's easy to get a bit lost, but just keep an eye on the provided compass and you'll find your way.
SnapCode: FSW3PJQK SnapPoints: 664
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 25 minutes Limited Lives? No
Difficulty Level: Hurt Me Plenty Remake? No
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