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.: Devils Ladder by Pigdog :.
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Pigdog serves up a another stellar custom geo map for Snapmap. His mastery of custom geo combined with perfect lighting and FX usage is on display in this large scale single player affair. Aside from looking great, the map is superbly balanced and a solid challenge to beat. The weapon selection is limited, however you do start with a grenade that you'll find incredibly useful. Use it early and often. No story line here. Progression is mainly via UI pressing and it can get a bit confusing at times. On a second playthru, I had to restart because a Mancubus was apparently stuck behind a wall, which prevented me from killing it and moving on any further. Also, there is a Baron of Hell that can be cheesed by simply not opening the doorway that lets him into your area before killing him.
SnapCode: BUL698M3 SnapPoints: 523
Gametype: SP Player Slots: 1
Time to Finish: 15 minutes Limited Lives? No
Difficulty Level: Hurt Me Plenty Remake? No
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