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.: Exodus of Hatred by PsychoKnight141 :.
No Images available yet for this map.

This is a Duel map setup in the White Collar Office Arena module. It looks quite fun and the author has added some special touches to add some flavor to the usual duel experience. There are special powerful weapons added to the playing field in timed intervals, in addition to a demon rune, quad and haste powerups. There is a cool spawn-in affect that I really like. The environmental affects when picking up powerups was also a nice touch. Time limit appears to be 20 minutes. Players awarded 2 points for glory kills and 1 point for normal kills. Suicides deduct 2 points.
SnapCode: BKS9ND6D SnapPoints: N/A
Gametype: DUEL Player Slots: 2
Time to Finish: 20 minutes Limited Lives? No
Difficulty Level: Not Applicable Remake? No
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