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.: Heavy Dreams by mitori551 :.
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Heavy Dreams continues from the previous map in the campaign, Heavy Thoughts. The map starts off in the same module that Heavy Thoughts ended. Only inconsistency is that you lost most of your arsenal for some reason. However, you can walk around the starting module and gather most of it up again. Like the previous map, there are tons of weapons laying around, a couple secrets to find and and overabundance of ammo and power ups at your disposal. The final fight was too long for my taste, but this map is also geared more towards co-op, so it's likely much easier and quicker if you bring a friend along. Solo or not, this map will keep you on your toes. The final fight, while long, is pretty fun in the chosen Hell module, especially with the added jump pads.
SnapCode: 3SMZL236 SnapPoints: 1018
Gametype: COOP Player Slots: 2
Time to Finish: 20 minutes Limited Lives? No
Difficulty Level: Ultra-Violence Remake? No
Average Rating between 1 and 5
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