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About this site: is a project born out of frustration. If you are here, then you are aware of the waking nightmare that is finding and playing good Snapmaps via the official Snapmap interface. One of Snapmap's greatest strengths is its accessibility. However, this tremendous accessibility is a double edged sword, as it has has created a dump for a lot of really bad content..and I use the term content very loosely. Worse, the interface to search and find good maps amongst the thousands of maps is not very good and, in my opinion, does a good deal to contribute to the problem.

It's very frustrating for an author to spend hundreds of hours creating a masterpiece, only to have it buried in an avalanche of bad Snapmaps and receive less than 10 playthrus. Hopefully, this site can alleviate some of that frustration. The maps on this list range from "pretty good", up to and including "get this person a job at iD". Everything on this list shows effort and TLC from the authors. They are well balanced in terms of weapon selection and difficulty. Most are story driven or, at the very least objective driven.

This list is by no means complete, but at the end of the day lives up to it's mission statement. It is growing and I can guarantee that I am missing some good Snapmaps. So, feel free to email me at if you feel a map has been omitted and you feel it deserves a spot on the list.