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Limited Lives
Yes No

Yes No

: Industrial
: Hell
: White Collar
: Classic
: Custom PBV
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Map Name Avg Rating Map Details Remake? Player Slots Snap Code Game Type Author Themes Difficulty Play Time SnapPoints Limited Lives
Staging Area1DetailsYes1BXNV9Z3WSPDrDacoteIndustrial Too Young To Die12219NO
Crematorium4DetailsNo1MJRPG2Y7SPPigdog Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25504NO
Grand Cathedral Courtyard4DetailsNo1AWA5ZKVVSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20740YES
Abdemonal Penetration4DetailsNo16576QHDUSPCollaboration Custom PBV Ultra-Violence301014NO
Path to Oblivion (Part 4)3DetailsNo49AR8KZY3COOPZanieon Hell Ultra-Violence201306YES
DOOMSHOCK5DetailsNo1LFAYX9BLSPCollaboration Custom PBV Ultra-Violence451132NO
Exodus of Hatred4DetailsNo2BKS9ND6DDUELPsychoKnight141 White Collar N/A20N/ANO
Classic Doom: E1M44DetailsNo1FCJG9HEUSPDario Butelli Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence271331NO
Classic Doom: E1M34DetailsNo1ZT2J2AY3SPDario Butelli Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence201228NO
Classic Doom: E1M23DetailsNo192TTVE8ESPDario Butelli Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence251369NO
Classic Doom: E1M14DetailsNo1G5GTSCKCSPDario Butelli Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10270NO
Mercenary Episode 34.5DetailsNo1TGBUTY9XSPDark Sniper White Collar Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20952NO
SP-DemonSphere5DetailsNo1HR5WNN6WSPSpunky117Industrial Hell Classic Ultra-Violence251180YES
StarDOOM Valley - Sublevel 14.5DetailsNo1XLF7P4TDSPTerraTelaIndustrial White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty180300NO
Fall of Cornforth4DetailsNo15WV88RF8SPIDDQDREWIndustrial White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25450NO
Entryway (Operations)4DetailsNo148J8T7AKSPAnthoine White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25335NO
Doomed: Chapter 35DetailsNo1BVGD27B3SPVlad Kublitsky_4 Custom PBV Ultra-Violence30791YES
Praise The Overlord2DetailsNo2JX89MDAVCOOPQuality SpoorkIndustrial Hell Classic Hurt Me Plenty25585NO
Devils Ladder4.5DetailsNo1BUL698M3SPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15523NO
Unrelenting Evil E1M54.67DetailsNo1ZTZRB7R4SPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25539NO
3 - Salvation4DetailsNo1RHVKTW7ASPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Ultra-Violence35682NO
2 - Redemption5DetailsNo1L22F4658SPSpindleshanksIndustrial Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25441NO
1 - Communion5DetailsNo167545PY5SPSpindleshanksIndustrial Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty35354NO
Path to Oblivion (Part 3)5DetailsNo4Q5MFSM25COOPZanieon Hell Ultra-Violence251146YES
Stress Killer3DetailsNo4NPFE6735COOPPsychoKnight141Industrial Hell Ultra-Violence201244YES
Path to Oblivion (Part 2)4DetailsNo4L8DE8HTNCOOPZanieon Hell Hurt Me Plenty351201YES
Heavy Sorrows4DetailsNo28DM5BZLGCOOPmitori551Industrial Hell Ultra-Violence201039NO
Heavy Dreams3DetailsNo23SMZL236COOPmitori551Industrial Hell Ultra-Violence201018NO
Heavy Thoughts3DetailsNo273RNUNFPCOOPmitori551Industrial Hell Hurt Me Plenty301202NO
Hell Station4.5DetailsNo1S2U99VJKSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty30776NO
Techbase M45DetailsNo1LG9HFULXSPVoid Runner Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence301117NO
Path to Oblivion (Part 1)4.5DetailsNo4K67QYSRECOOPZanieon Hell Hurt Me Plenty25815YES
Half Life 2: Route Canal V2.04DetailsYes1CBZEFSFXSPSevXof Custom PBV Too Young To Die10116NO
The Four Trials3DetailsNo1THGY54V5SPDrakiah Custom PBV Too Young To Die1062NO
Icon of Sin3DetailsYes1NDD6JWF4SPSpindleshanksIndustrial Hell Hurt Me Plenty15729NO
Hounds of Baskerville4DetailsNo1SJJ29BXJSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Ultra-Violence10368YES
The Recruit4.33DetailsNo1LQ7BUPZLSPTaylorhead Custom PBV Nightmare10500YES
Dawn of the Dwayne4.17DetailsNo1CL5RWPGCSPZMannZilla Custom PBV Ultra-Violence10494YES
Wolfenstein - V.2 Rocket Base2.75DetailsNo1ZCV329TSSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Ultra-Violence30688NO
Wolfenstein-Operation Eisenfaust3.5DetailsYes188XLZCKFSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20563NO
Castle Wolfenstein 3D4DetailsYes1924EMZXGSPSpindleshanks Hell Custom PBV Too Young To Die10249NO
Wolfenstein Entrance4DetailsYes1KHB4P4FPSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20624NO
Sentinel: Descent2DetailsNo178KYMXHRSPDrDacote Hell Ultra-Violence20691NO
Deimos - UAC Entryway Co-Op3DetailsNo2QZN9Z7XHCOOPThePhobosAnomalyIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20641NO
Pandemonium4DetailsYes193VUGA63SPShadesMaster Hell Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15505NO
Hangar3DetailsYes1S92MUST4SPSpindleshanksIndustrial Too Young To Die5185NO
DOOM 64 Absolution4DetailsYes1CULEUQ7FSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20976NO
E2M4 - Duel Deimos Labs4.33DetailsYes4F2CMCCQMCOOPShadesMasterIndustrial Hell White Collar Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25782NO
Hangar4.5DetailsYes1YXC79YGSSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15300NO
Unreal DOOM Level 24.5DetailsYes1TV926LU2SPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20776NO
Maximum Doom: !CSRE2M2.WAD3DetailsYes1H5B7VW8JSPDrakiah Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10325NO
Drakatak: Rude Awakening4DetailsNo17A2XKBEWSPDrakiah Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25345NO
DOOM: Hades VI - Part III4DetailsNo12XWW45CNSPAmnu Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty301150NO
Unreal DOOM Level 14DetailsYes1WPQ3N6ABSPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15325NO
Mercenary4DetailsNo1627PRBT5SPDark SniperIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence30585YES
City Survival 23DetailsNo4FJ6VSGWSCOOPBusy Man123 Custom PBV Nightmare251200YES
City Survival4DetailsNo4HNNFEPE8COOPBusy Man123 Custom PBV Nightmare15981YES
Doomed: Chapter 24.5DetailsNo145TCGCZZSPVlad Kublitsky_4 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15743YES
Sign of Evil5DetailsYes1U8QR3L2SSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25594NO
From UAC to Hell Ep. 44.5DetailsNo1WLPU39NYSPDark Sniper White Collar Ultra-Violence30972YES
From UAC to Hell Ep. 34DetailsNo18Q7FY3W3SPDark Sniper White Collar Ultra-Violence301084YES
UAC Teleporter Complex4DetailsNo4YLW6FUA3COOPMoon MaroonedIndustrial Hell Hurt Me Plenty15738NO
Apocalypse Wow4DetailsNo4BPDRNABRCOOPMoon Marooned Hell Hurt Me Plenty25822YES
From UAC to Hell Ep. 24DetailsNo18M7L22HJSPDark Sniper Hell Ultra-Violence20940YES
From UAC to Hell4DetailsNo16FDU5XTASPDark SniperIndustrial Ultra-Violence25989YES
From UAC to Hell Prologue4.5DetailsNo1VKKFLM49SPDark SniperIndustrial Ultra-Violence25411YES
The DOOM Santa: Merry Deathmas2.5DetailsNo1YMKNCG3BSPDrakiah Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20341NO
Heretic E1M1 - The Docks4DetailsYes1JWCD3HGNSPDrakiah Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty5200NO
DOOM: Hades VI - Part II4.5DetailsNo1PSFDSG8MSPAmnu Custom PBV Ultra-Violence451227NO
DOOM: Hades VI - Part I4.5DetailsNo1EBPQXCCBSPAmnu Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20438NO
Virtuworld - Episode 33DetailsNo1R88LH875SPDrakiah Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15395NO
Hell to Pay Pt. 12DetailsNo2VRZATXT7COOPCasulWulf Custom PBV Nightmare30847NO
Shores of Oremor5DetailsNo4N3VDSHZKCOOPBloodShot12 White Collar Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25841NO
Finkos Quickie M12DetailsNo1U7B9E78RSPelfinko White Collar Hurt Me Plenty10707NO
Jailbreaker3DetailsNo1XY6RF8LJSPTonEykIndustrial White Collar Ultra-Violence351426YES
Game of Thrones: Hardhome1DetailsNo1JZLQ5SZYSPByrneman Custom PBV Nightmare15100YES
Carnage of the Dark1DetailsNo16ZSQHPTVSPCarnagaIndustrial Too Young To Die1090NO
Outcast M45DetailsNo1LNUT9E4NSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Ultra-Violence301478NO
Doomed: Chapter 14.67DetailsNo17XQQJQ3HSPVlad Kublitsky_4 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15681YES
Frag Like Its 19944DetailsNo4ZKBJGLA4COOPCollaboration Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence501640NO
Icarus4DetailsNo1W8TB8Q5NSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty40896NO
Perdix5DetailsNo1KPL79DCYSPPigdog Custom PBV Ultra-Violence35872NO
Corridors of Death3DetailsNo1AR38AVUXSPVoid RunnerIndustrial Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10407YES
Techbase M34DetailsNo1N6Z7ZLBVSPVoid Runner Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10679NO
Hangar E1M1 Remix4.5DetailsYes1E8UUUPQVSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10188YES
City of the Gods5DetailsNo1LEWN78JTSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15440YES
The Domination Stone M14.5DetailsNo4ST3NTYVDCOOPOuterOblivion19Industrial Hell White Collar Custom PBV Nightmare551164NO
Murder At the Outpost1DetailsNo1XXQDFTQ5SPMadmanEpic White Collar Too Young To Die10N/ANO
The Companion Core4.5DetailsNo1D3D86VHHSPZMannZillaIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty30577YES
Cross of the Spoiled5DetailsNo16E5S2HGASPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty35747NO
Blood Keep5DetailsNo1TSRZQ59GSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty35805NO
Guillotine4DetailsNo16GDADRAVSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty30637NO
Memento Mori Machina4.5DetailsNo1MZU97UHFSPChezzaIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty15500YES
Hellwalker: M34.5DetailsNo1DE3XR2CWSPAmnu Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence351042NO
Hellwalker: M24DetailsNo1CJP9NHLUSPAmnu Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence40994NO
Hellwalker: M14DetailsNo1S5REZGN4SPAmnu Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence401066NO
Outcast M35DetailsNo1FU94M7NKSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Ultra-Violence401624NO
E1M2: World of Torture Pt. 25DetailsNo1VQMLSW7PSPDario Butelli Custom PBV Ultra-Violence451398NO
E1M2: World of Torture Pt. 15DetailsNo1FQ6ADEFVSPDario Butelli Custom PBV Ultra-Violence151247NO
Tuefels Domain4DetailsNo1HSKFQ52LSPTaylorhead Custom PBV Ultra-Violence501555NO
Thunderstruck2DetailsNo4LN2M4PE6FFASwoy45 Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Hearth4DetailsYes43HUYA7GBFFASwoy45 Custom PBV N/AN/AN/ANO
Golgotha5DetailsNo1BKUSQ8L7SPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Ultra-Violence35708NO
DOOM 64 Map 09 Even Simpler2DetailsYes1P5FX8PWMSPviolentdude Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty5591NO
Wolfenstein 25DetailsYes1FFWDJR7PSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20957NO
Wolfenstein4DetailsYes1XQGWKA3XSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20855NO
DOOM 64 Holding Area4DetailsYes14KMW26BWSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15747NO
DOOM 64 Main Engineering5DetailsYes1W57SYMHRSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20423NO
DOOM 64 The Terraformer4DetailsYes1QTH45W59SPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20728NO
DOOM 64 Dark Entries4DetailsYes1665WV6T2SPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20579NO
DOOM 64 The Lair4DetailsYes1ASXJ4K3NSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15878NO
DOOM 64 Watch Your Step4DetailsYes1PQGFEV7ESPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15793NO
DOOM 64 Into The Void4DetailsYes1MVBUZ5WJSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10441NO
DOOM: The Chapel Part II4.5DetailsNo19VJKACX9SPAmnu Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25856NO
DOOM: The Chapel Part I4.5DetailsNo1NBC8NXWQSPAmnu Custom PBV Ultra-Violence30570NO
DOOM: The Hell Maze4DetailsNo1VWP3ARFJSPAmnu Custom PBV Nightmare601390NO
BADs Classic Stage 104DetailsNo1NHZZLUK2SPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Ultra-Violence251064NO
HELLISH - Map 07 Pueblito5DetailsNo1XEZMPCHPSPwatstha Custom PBV Ultra-Violence601402NO
BADs Classic Stage 94DetailsNo1JS83763ASPB.A.D. FluppyIndustrial Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20965NO
BADs Classic Stage 84DetailsNo1T3YFTL2WSPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty251010NO
HELLISH - Map 06 Vertigo3DetailsNo1Q27AQXUESPwatstha Custom PBV Nightmare601600NO
HELLISH - Map 05 Ruins4DetailsNo1RB3D9WHYSPwatstha Custom PBV Ultra-Violence351485NO
HELLISH - Map 04 Avalon4DetailsNo1DSRQ7VLPSPwatstha Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25902NO
HELLISH - Map 03 Alchemy4DetailsNo1HZAVK6ZCSPwatstha Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25852NO
HELLISH - Map 02 Scholomance5DetailsNo17SU2H876SPwatstha Custom PBV Ultra-Violence35848NO
HELLISH - Map 01 Frozen Tech3DetailsNo1AHL4BL2YSPwatstha Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20468NO
The Stain of Hunab Ku2DetailsNo1LT3HTPQTSPMultiple Custom PBV Nightmare301226NO
05 Inhuman Resources5DetailsNo1FGJZNFE9SPSpindleshanksIndustrial Hell White Collar Custom PBV Ultra-Violence30855NO
04 Bloody Hell on Earth5DetailsNo1RCEMJVDDSPSpindleshanksIndustrial White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25760NO
03 Bloody Hell!5DetailsNo1TTTTRUVTSPSpindleshanks Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25823NO
02 D-Day4DetailsNo1FWJFLYF4SPSpindleshanksIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence15857NO
War On the Heavens3DetailsNo1GEQ7JLYDSPwatstha Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20928NO
BADs Classic Stage 74DetailsNo15VDP6DRVSPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25834NO
BADs Classic Stage 64DetailsNo1SY8XVWK9SPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25734NO
Gothika4DetailsNo14JTJ5GX6SPVoid Runner Custom PBV Ultra-Violence251029NO
A Trist with Hatred4DetailsNo1G4PCYGQ8SPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25706NO
Trials of the Night Sentinel (Hub Map)3DetailsNo1284779VPSPwatstha Custom PBV Hurt Me PlentyN/AN/ANO
TOTNS - UAC Hades2DetailsNo1RYE4U3PQSPWolfsGimpyWrath Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25768NO
Chronicles of the Black Sword5DetailsNo1MFY5V4ACSPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25770NO
BADs Classic Stage 54DetailsNo142HKLXCUSPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty301009NO
BADs Classic Stage 44DetailsNo1SLCXZH3ESPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20783NO
Unrelenting Evil E1M44DetailsNo1WGMZ6BW6SPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25394NO
Unrelenting Evil E1M34.5DetailsNo1PYQQRDW9SPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25219NO
Unrelenting Evil E1M25DetailsNo169RXE4ZNSPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25169NO
Finis2DetailsNo16MGEHB39SPNyoMurdiIndustrial Hell White Collar Hurt Me Plenty20885NO
Refueling Base 20172DetailsNo4YNGAD6NPSPBusy Man123 Custom PBV Nightmare20750YES
Unrelenting Evil E1M15DetailsNo12VUVQEQTSPDoomGuy161 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10108NO
DM - Space Castles4DetailsNo46SEXTZRRFFAMURDER AXE Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Psychotron4.5DetailsNo43E82VLQKSPJRcrash Custom PBV Nightmare25760NO
The Ethereal Shard - LVL44.5DetailsNo1L6QNM9PGSPShadesMaster White Collar Custom PBV Ultra-Violence20750NO
The Ethereal Shard - LVL34.5DetailsNo4V3QGEGWZCOOPShadesMasterIndustrial White Collar Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25681NO
The Ethereal Shard - LVL24.5DetailsNo4E7N5Q8YDCOOPShadesMasterIndustrial Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25588NO
The Ethereal Shard - LVL11.11DetailsNo4W8HQX44ECOOPShadesMasterIndustrial Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20410NO
Doomed: Uprising5DetailsNo1H5E7SBBVSPVlad Kublitsky_4 Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25691YES
The Slipgate Complex3DetailsYes1VFUUMPCASPClownslay Custom PBV Too Young To Die1060NO
E1M1: Land of Torture Pt. 25DetailsNo17YKHMXZBSPDario Butelli Hell Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty301251NO
E1M1: Land of Torture Pt. 15DetailsNo18WF2F2TDSPDario Butelli Hell Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20847NO
Eye of Horus5DetailsNo1QNHPGTE7SPTaylorhead Custom PBV Ultra-Violence1001900NO
Time Traveler5DetailsNo19XPB6WEXSPByManStudioIndustrial White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty15417NO
E1M1 Hangar Redux5DetailsNo4Z6KZ4R2RSPJohn_Wayne_999Industrial Custom PBV Too Young To Die10274NO
The Argent Cathedral5DetailsNo1N2TUP2AGSPAmnu Hell Custom PBV Nightmare30884NO
BADs Classic Stage 34DetailsNo1XPLDP7FYSPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10529NO
BADs Classic Stage 24DetailsNo1QSYMR5GESPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10470NO
BADs Classic Stage 14DetailsNo1M78FNMQ6SPB.A.D. Fluppy Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10483NO
BADs UAC Lvl 25DetailsNo1NNJNJVXVSPB.A.D. FluppyIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence15589YES
BADs UAC Lvl 1.25DetailsNo18MK2TCGJSPB.A.D. FluppyIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence15604YES
Hazardous Facility3DetailsNo2Z2H45P53SPSimply DeliciousIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty201394YES
Radioactivity5DetailsNo1ZJ2S4SV5SPShadesMasterIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25658YES
Techbase M14DetailsNo1B7R256APSPVoid Runner Classic Custom PBV Too Young To Die5130NO
Techbase M25DetailsNo1PPSRV3TMSPVoid Runner Classic Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty10500NO
Agartha5DetailsNo1DN8TQSR5SPVoid Runner White Collar Custom PBV Ultra-Violence451362NO
Gates of Hades0DetailsNo1TXUE385NSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Ultra-Violence15800YES
Slipgate Awry0DetailsNo4DAC3687MCOOPNobleSeagull Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20500YES
The Maw of Lothos - Instagib0DetailsNo484WU4ETPINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
The Maw of Lothos - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4W79U42PJFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Apothosis Station - Instagib4DetailsNo49JN54LXMINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Ceres Reclamation Center - Instagib3DetailsNo46Q8LW93VINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Ceres Reclamation Center - Duel or FFA3DetailsNo4GBDQCR6XFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Event Horizon - Instagib0DetailsNo487LHJ7W6INSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Event Horizon - CTF0DetailsNo4QVAZG98UCTFNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Event Horizon - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4E989NFZAFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Tomb of the Chronomancer - Instagib0DetailsNo4WX2AQVXUINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Tomb of the Chronomancer - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4TBHGDYTAFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Lunar Shrine - Instagib0DetailsNo4HUM6XUM7INSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Lunar Shrine - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4CQCMRBP8FFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Astral Gate - Instagib3DetailsNo4JHKFMFMPINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Astral Gate - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4JDVYLCSBFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Demiurge - Instagib0DetailsNo43DVK427HINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Demiurge - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4ALTGQHNNFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Campgrounds - Instagib4DetailsYes4Y5GYNYELINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Hektik - Instagib0DetailsNo4RWHVHK98INSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Hektik - Duel or FFA0DetailsNo4WEESZ3PGFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Toxicity - Instagib3DetailsYes4JKE6E7WPINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Toxicity - Duel or FFA3DetailsYes4AA8UEKWCFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Aerowalk - Instagib4DetailsYes4N4MUPT6JINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Aerowalk - Duel4DetailsYes29YGLFYP8DUELNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Phrantic - Instagib4DetailsYes4XP865T4PINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Phrantic - Duel or FFA4DetailsYes4VWDTQQ3JFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Evolution - Instagib3DetailsYes4VW6ZHV8KINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Evolution - Duel or FFA3DetailsYes4M5XHPR4TFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Lost Insight - Instagib4DetailsNo4MDYWY8VKINSTAGIBNicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Lost Insight - Duel or FFA4DetailsNo44ML65MGNFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Catatonia - Episode II2DetailsNo1FNYGUEBNSPRealMetalGamingIndustrial Too Young To Die20377NO
Catatonia - Episode I4DetailsNo1SCV5RA8BSPRealMetalGamingIndustrial Too Young To Die20532NO
The Hellish Yard5DetailsYes48MNSV5S2FFABloodShot12 Custom PBV N/AN/AN/AYES
Argent Overload II4DetailsNo1NC576AWXSPMakiIndustrial Too Young To Die15508NO
Nautilus0DetailsNo1VDAF5WMHSPMaki Hell Hurt Me Plenty15618NO
Five Charges0DetailsNo1QCKZXP3DSPMakiIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty20467NO
Argent Overload0DetailsNo13Q9MARYXSPMakiIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty20409NO
The Refinery0DetailsNo1A63Q266ESPMakiIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty10507NO
Third Rail5DetailsNo1HERFXQDLSPMaki White Collar Hurt Me Plenty15465NO
Help Wanted - Craigs List Ad0DetailsNo1VX8EDCS3SPJay Go HardIndustrial Too Young To Die15520NO
The Pit Redux - DOOM II Map090DetailsNo143RYTTEZSPDOOM_MARINEIndustrial Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty30884NO
01 The Resurrected4DetailsNo1FSW3PJQKSPSpindleshanksIndustrial Hell White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty25664NO
Devil City Ransom5DetailsNo1LQQT82M5SPZMannZilla Custom PBV Ultra-Violence25869NO
Server Maintenance0DetailsNo44HVWTBG2SPBloodShot12Industrial Custom PBV Too Young To Die20273YES
Quantum Hazard0DetailsNo4MQ6NU6PFSPBloodShot12Industrial Custom PBV Too Young To Die20235YES
The Monastery0DetailsNo1J6NEN8PNSPVoid Runner Hell Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20517NO
Inferno0DetailsNo4F3PDBVA4SPkp1197 Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20543NO
Polar Railway0DetailsNo1AEGFT9WASPBloodShot12 White Collar Custom PBV Nightmare501425NO
Ash Vs Hell3DetailsNo14D82MQVJSPBleep_Blorp Hell Hurt Me Plenty20601NO
Quake: House of Chthon v34DetailsYes46VZQEUALFFADust Custom PBV N/AN/AN/ANO
DM - Catacombs5DetailsNo483ZX788AFFANo-Cash-Ninja Custom PBV N/AN/AN/AYES
Apothosis Station - Duel or FFA4DetailsNo49JEBLCJVFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Quake: Aerowalk4DetailsYes4X6AHMTERFFAGOODFELLA529 Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
Q3DM1: Arena Gate5DetailsYes4LBP9QCZPFFAcivicSico Hell N/A5N/AYES
UAC Moon Base 60DetailsNo1UV6HDLZHSPZhawn_idIndustrial White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty30944YES
Outcast M25DetailsNo1QW49HT7HSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Ultra-Violence151076NO
Facilitator5DetailsNo1JCFZZCVRSPSnapmapIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty15468NO
Pathfinder5DetailsNo1HJQS75ZDSPSnapmap Hell Hurt Me Plenty25660NO
Saboteur5DetailsNo1TQM9DKP9SPSnapmapIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty30922NO
Quake 3 ospDM10 Remake 1vs13DetailsYes2NAB2EBQEFFATrueMakaR Custom PBV N/A5N/ANO
Campgrounds - Duel or FFA4DetailsYes425Y77GGPFFANicodimus Custom PBV N/A10N/ANO
A New Threat5DetailsNo1HL7XUX38SPSnapmapIndustrial Hell Hurt Me Plenty25819NO
Heat5DetailsNo1VBTWRB4XSPSnapmapIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty30837NO
Lights Out4.5DetailsNo1WT5L6BNMSPSnapmapIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty20550NO
The Attrition Log 3.10DetailsNo3WF24SA2WCOOPCharly500 Hell Ultra-Violence251237NO
E1M2: Nuclear Plant4DetailsYes1V2YU7BAYSPSnapmap Classic Hurt Me Plenty10142NO
E1M3: Toxin Refinery4DetailsYes1JSRFGY9DSPSnapmap Classic Hurt Me Plenty10267NO
E1M1: Hangar4DetailsYes18G7SGHP2SPSnapmap Classic Hurt Me Plenty10161NO
Fortress of Doom0DetailsNo1C8AFM57BSPVoid Runner Custom PBV Nightmare20633YES
Investigation: Research Facility0DetailsNo1SAW53N77SPDennispls White Collar Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty30522NO
Enduring the Scorcher: E1M30DetailsNo1CHRG45CVSPMoon Marooned Hell Nightmare30940YES
Wishing for Double: E1M20DetailsNo1PT4CFCFGSPMoon Marooned White Collar Ultra-Violence30731YES
Into The Fray: E1M10DetailsNo1D44QPTKWSPMoon MaroonedIndustrial Custom PBV Ultra-Violence30402YES
DOOM ONE: Part 13DetailsYes1PMFWCRRTSPMatrix 1986Industrial Hurt Me Plenty20330NO
Tricks and Traps4.5DetailsYes14K54CM58SPPigdog Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20500NO
Static Entry4DetailsNo1UY5TQVG3SPElfinkoIndustrial White Collar Hurt Me Plenty15900NO
Teleportation Research (2/2)4DetailsNo1JBKKLRZBSPJanushIndustrial White Collar Hurt Me Plenty20780NO
Phobos Labs (1/2)4DetailsNo1KJXHAQQESPJanushIndustrial White Collar Hurt Me Plenty20520NO
Demonic Refusal II4DetailsNo1GGC7GP3ZSPElfinkoIndustrial Hell Hurt Me Plenty201160NO
Demonic Refusal4DetailsNo1GJGXY372SPElfinkoIndustrial Hurt Me Plenty15906NO
Outcast M15DetailsNo1K9PG5F99SPVoid Runner Custom PBV Hurt Me Plenty20878NO
Sentinel: Aftermath3DetailsNo1NBC3MCGSSPDrDacote Hell Hurt Me Plenty20662NO
Caviar4DetailsNo1NZKXJBL4SPMaki White Collar Too Young To Die20470NO
Lazarus3DetailsNo19CLHET9CSPSandman705 White Collar Ultra-Violence602000NO